Little John’s Lotto: June Update

The June draw of the Little John lottery took place on Monday 3rd July in the offices of long term sponsors Upperton Limited.

The weather was sunny and many of the staff were suffering from the effects of hay-fever, sneezing and drying runny noses as the random number generator (or “Robbie” as he is affectionately known) was wheeled out of the store room for his monthly task.

The on looking staff paused from the nasal sprays and watery eyes to see Robbie’s magic button being pressed. Indeed the growing crowd watched enthralled as Robbie whirred into action and immediately set about searching the ether for the lucky winner.

After a short pause Robbie magically produced the winning number from the ether to a spontaneous round of applause from the small band of excited onlookers who had gathered around the magical number generator.

Closer inspection revealed the lucky ball was none other than number 25 (twenty five) and a quick check down the list revealed that the winner was Alex Whittle, the Outlaws rangy scrum half and long term lottery member.  Alex pockets cheque for £100.00 for his good fortune

Club chairman Richard Johnson was quick to congratulate Alex on his win, commenting “I am especially pleased to witness Alex’s good fortune. Alex has been a member of the draw since early days and it was great to see him land the big one. I am sure this windfall will be put to good use in the coming weeks”

The Outlaws are now well into the 2017 campaign. With this in mind  funds are needed more than ever and supporters of the club are urged to sign up and in doing so, continue to grow the game of rugby league in Nottingham.