Mission, Vision & Values


To provide and promote opportunities to individuals of all ages and abilities to get involved with Rugby League, whilst creating a positive environment where players, coaches, volunteers and spectators can enjoy a safe, child-friendly and equitable experience.


To develop Nottingham Outlaws to be a beacon of Rugby League across the Midlands.



We work as a team towards a common goal and succeed alongside our teammates, both on and off the pitch.


We create a welcoming and supportive environment for all players and members, regardless of background, experience or ability.


We are committed to the growth of Rugby League in Nottingham, and the growth of ourselves as players and as a club.


We recognise that sport is played for enjoyment and aim to ensure that every experience of Rugby League is fun and engaging. We treat club members and the wider Rugby League community with respect to make sure that people have positive experiences with the sport.


We respond positively to adversity, on and off the field. We embrace challenge and keep going with no excuses.