Coach’s Interview

Interview with Joe Shepherd, coach of the Men’s First Team.

  1. So how has pre-season training gone in general? 
I have to be honest and say it was a very fragmented pre-season campaign. We began training in the first week of January with the expectation that we would start the league campaign in early March but with the reshuffle in league structure it meant we delayed until April. Then we lost a couple of weeks due to the snow and some freezing weather.
So all in all a very frustrating pre-season but over the last few sessions, numbers have started to increase and we are getting more and more positive about how the sessions and the squad are developing
  1. Have you focused on anything in particular in your training sessions that you can share?
Nothing specific to be honest, just really focusing on the fundamentals like line speed, tackling and quick play the balls and introducing some new attacking structures around our pivots.
  1. Have any players stood out? Who has worked hard? Any newcomers or past players that you can mention as one to watch out for?
Tom Wigglesworth has certainly caught my eye in his first ever sessions at the club, he looks very sharp as does Harry Walton who has hit the ground running since coming back into the fold a couple of weeks ago.
I’m expecting a big season from Joe Raine who continues to improve and Jack Cator and Adam Ward, two rookies who will be playing their first games for the club this season.
From the old guard I’m looking forward to seeing Coryn carry on with the captain’s role and Gaz Whitfield will be filling the hole that Adam Cunliffe vacated at full back, I am sure Gaz is going to have a great season in that role.
  1. What are your expectations for the campaign? 
I’m really hoping for a better campaign than last year, especially one in which we can start to get something like a consistent squad. I would love to get a nucleus of players who are going to stay fit and healthy for the duration of the campaign and if we do, we can have a strong season with the players that we have signed this season.
  1. What is your message to the supporters or the players about the new campaign?

A simple one really, the message is just come down and support the club and enjoy yourselves and lets build a bit of a buzz and a positive vibe around the club. That goes for the supporters and men and women players, make sure you support your fellow Outlaws and lets put the smiles back on peoples faces and win a few games in the process.