Little John’s Lotto: February Update

The February draw for the Little John Lottery was once again at Lenton Lane during an Outlaws committee meeting, with a number of hard up committee members keen to see if their balls came out of the bag!

Once again Robbie did not hang about in his mission to make millions. Indeed, in less time than it takes to say “have all the mice been taken care of” Robbie magically pulled the winning ball from his bag to a spontaneous round of applause from the small band of eager committee members.

Closer inspection revealed the lucky ball was none other than number 4 (four) and a quick check down the list revealed that the winner was Tracy Kinsey, a long term lottery member who holds a pair of balls with partner Paul.

Club chairman Richard Johnson was quick to congratulate Tracy on her win, commenting “Tracy is a keen supporter of both the Outlaws and Warrington Wolves and with both sides making a good start to their campaigns Im sure this windfall will make her even happier!”

The Outlaws are looking to continue their improvement on and off the field. Indeed plans are already afoot for the new 2019 campaign and  funds are needed more than ever. Supporters of the club are urged to sign up and in doing so, continue to grow the game of rugby league in Nottingham