Little John’s Lotto: November Draw

The November draw of Little John’s Lotto took place at the White Hart in Nottingham on Monday 4th December, just ahead of the Outlaws monthly committee meeting.

As the hard working committee paused for a mulled wine and a well-earned mince pie, the random number generator (or “Robbie” as he is affectionately known) was wheeled out of his mobile storage unit and dusted down ahead of the big draw.

Those lucky enough to be watching events unfold remained enthralled as Robbie immediately set about searching the ether for the lucky winner.

Indeed, in less time than it takes to say “when am I going to get my christmas shopping done” Robbie magically pulled the winning ball from his bag to a spontaneous round of applause from the small band of excited spectators and interested onlookers.

Closer inspection revealed the lucky ball was none other than number 18 (eighteen) and a quick check down the list revealed that the winner was Stephen Page, player, club treasurer and a founder member of the clubs lottery.  Stephen pockets a cheque for £107.50 for his good fortune

Club chairman Richard Johnson was quick to congratulate Stephen on his win, commenting “I am especially pleased to hear about Stephen’s good fortune. With a young family to support, Christmas can be an expensive time so it is great to know that this windfall will help cushion the financial burden”

The Outlaws are looking to continue their improvement on and off the field and the club already planning for the 2018 campaign. With this in mind  funds are needed more than ever and supporters of the club are urged to sign up and in doing so, continue to grow the game of rugby league in Nottingham.