Little John’s Lotto July Update

The July draw of the Little John Lotto took place at the home of long term sponsors Upperton Limited in central Nottingham on Friday 4th August.

With quite a few members of staff preparing to leave for vacation the watching crowd was a little down on numbers  ahead of the big draw.

Those lucky enough to be watching events unfold remained enthralled as Robbie cleaned down the traces of sun cream from his apparel and then immediately set about searching the ether for the lucky winner.

Indeed, in what seemed like the blink of an eye Robbie magically produced the winning number from his bag to a spontaneous round of applause from the small band of excited spectators and interested onlookers.

Closer inspection revealed the lucky ball was none other than number 33 (thirty three) and a quick check down the list revealed that the winner was Steve Dale, keen supporter and father of Outlaws team captain Oliver Dale.  Steve pockets a cheque for £102.50 for his good fortune

Club chairman Richard Johnson was quick to congratulate Steve on his win, commenting “I am especially pleased to hear about Steve’s good fortune. Steve is a regular supporter who travels home and away so this windfall will make a big contribution to his travel costs!”

The Outlaws are looking to continue their improvement on and off the field. With this in mind  funds are needed more than ever and supporters of the club are urged to sign up and in doing so, continue to grow the game of rugby league in Nottingham.