The Outlaws are looking to continue developing the club both on and off the field. With this in mind funds are needed more than ever and supporters of the club are urged to sign up to Little John’s Lotto and help the continued growth of rugby league in Nottingham.

If you are the successful winner this month, contact the club to claim your prize.

For more details on signing up to the lottery, please click here

February 2017: Craig Carter
January 2017: Sam Campbell
December 2016: Mark Bird
November 2016: Danusia Ephraim
October 2016: Patrick Kirkham
September 2016: Joe Shepherd
August 2016: Martin Crick
July 2016: Sarah Johnson
June 2016: Simon Morton
May 2016: Ben Shepherd
April 2016: Adam Millward
March 2016: Bryan Duffield
February 2016: Simon Morton
January 2016: Mark Bird
December 2015: Sarah Johnson
November 2015: Carl Whittle
October 2015: Oliver Crick
September 2015: Dave Whittle
August 2015: Danusia Lee
July 2015: Bill Cashmore
June 2015: Steve Page
May 2015: Dave Whittle
April 2015: Lucy and Anna Carter
March 2015: Mark Bird
February 2015: Craig Carter
January 2015: Jez Shires
December 2014: Dave Whittle
November 2014: Paul Kinsey
October 2014: John Strachan
September 2014: Danusia Lee
August 2014: Martin Crick
July 2014: Simon Charvet
June 2014: Bryan Duffield
May 2014: John Strachan
April 2014: Sarah Johnson
March 2014: Paul Kinsey
February 2014: Bryan Duffield
January 2014: Joe Shepherd
December 2013: Andrew Shepherd
November 2013: Paul Kinsey
October 2013: Bill Cashmore
September 2013: George Strachan
August 2013: Joe Shepherd
July 2013: Mark Bird
June 2013: Danusia Lee
May 2013: Mark Bird
April 2013: Andrew Shepherd
March 2013: Martin Crick
February 2013: Steve Page
January 2013: Oliver Crick
December 2012: Bill Cashmore
November 2012: Adam Millward
October 2012: Simon Charvet
September 2012: Mark Bird
August 2012: Craig Carter
July 2012: John Strachan
June 2012: Joe Shepherd
May 2012: Bill Cashmore
April 2012: Kath Radford
March 2012: Rory McQueen
February 2012: Jono Was
January 2012: Jez Shires
December 2011: Sarah Johnson
November 2011: Nick Robb
October 2011: John Strachan
September 2011: Angela Tarrat
August 2011: Martin Crick
July 2011: Rory McQueen
June 2011: Jez Shires
May 2011: Amy Johnson
April 2011: John Strachan
March 2011: Martin Crick
February 2011: Oliver Crick