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Membership of the TRLAA  provides the following benefits:

  • Supporting NTU Rugby League recruitment and off field support
  • Email updates from current committee and coaching staff
  • TRL alumni network
  • Invitation to TRLAA and NTU RL events

Membership of the TRLAA costs just £5 a month, payable by monthly or annual PayPal donation via the button below.

Payment Options

Developing University to Club links

Are you involved with a community club or rugby league development project? We are looking to create links for current and former students to stay involved with the game as well as a link to recruit rugby league players to NTU Rugby League. All we need is your current details, background on playing season and location. We’ll only ever pass on your details to current or former players and we’ll even send you a list of players when they move to your area.

Player Recruitment

Our current coaching team at NTU need your help. Do you have local college team or community team we could recruit from? In the first instance we are looking for active rugby league players interested in studying at NTU. We offer support to any prospective player, ranging from a 1-on-1 guided tour of the NTU campus with current players through to scholarships and bursaries. The coaching staff is keen to discuss this support with prospective players.